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RN to Physician Assistant Program

From a Registered Nurse to becoming a Physician Assistant

Advancing in Medicine

RN to Physician Assistant ProgramFor registered nurses that wish to be able to practice medicine, becoming a Physician Assistant is a good way to do it. While a physician assistant is still under the supervision of a licensed physician, the PA’s authority is very different from that of an RN. Physician Assistants can examine, diagnose and prescribe treatment to patients as a way of practicing medicine.

If you interested to know how an RN can become a Physician Assistant, then read the next sections.

Getting with the Program

RN to Physician Assistant programs are common ways for nurses to be able to practice medicine. However, there still are other programs which do allow for similar authority and responsibilities. Being an RN is a distinct advantage in that you qualify for the pre-requisite academic requirements as well as the requirements in experience in a health care facility.

RN to Physician Assistant Program Practice MedicineThis is usually the case for RN’s that have an undergrad degree or bachelors in Nursing. There may however be some additional subjects to take in terms of sciences and math that relate more to medicine.

Some exemptions or equivalent qualifications may be given as well to RN’s. This however depends on any continuing education or advanced experience one has gained in the field. To know more about the specific requirements and any exemptions, it is best to talk with an admissions officer to the program.

One of the more important reminders for an RN wishing to become a PA is to check the Accreditation of the program. The Accreditation Review Commission on Education for the Physician Assistant lists all the accredited programs in the nation. Graduating from an accredited program means you’ll be able to take the certification exam. Once you pass this, you can move on to practice medicine as a PA.

Any Advantages of being an RN?

RN to Physician Assistant Program Advantages of Being an RNA clear advantage is had by registered nurses in terms of experience. For RN’s working hands on in a health service facility that deals with patients, they can clearly pass the requirement for having practical experience. For undergrad students that have a medical science base, several subjects will already be credited as a pre-requisite. This can vary however so it is best to check with the admissions office.

That’s it, and good luck on your advancement in education should you go ahead and decide to take the PA program.

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